BA courses, fulltime

A way of life

Any of the courses of study at the Academy, will require your full-time dedication. A course year officially amounts to 1,680 ‘study hours’ (60 ECTS-points, the European standard). This means you are concentrated on your studies for an average of 40 hours per week over a period of 42 weeks. The Academy expects you to take an interest in the developments in the arts and culture, besides your classes. Studying the arts, and your future profession presupposes a ‘way of life’.
This starts with the general foundation course during the first half year (semester). You develop basic skills in the fields of art and design as well as gearing up for your intended study direction with a specialist elective module.

This first semester is followed by wide-ranging professional studies in the field of your choice. During your third year you will specialize in your field of study, ‘major’, by means of an additional ‘minor’-course. This way you will develop your specific ‘artistic profile’. Your forth year, semesters 7 and 8, is dedicated to your graduation work.


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