Audiovisual Design

The moving image is everywhere in our daily life: on television productions, video works, clips, documentaries, commercials and websites. Technological progress and developments in society have made the AV image more and more 'personal'. AV imagery is increasingly used as an autonomous artistic medium, or as a substantial aspect of theatre performances or music events. As an audiovisual designer you make independent AV productions, making your mark on both the content and the final form. You gain a grip on the technical aspects of the field, you are familiar with the necessary equipment and understand how video image and sound work together. You can also get a story across.

Course: Audiovisual Design
By tackling topics such as AV Design, scenario, sound, AV techniques, production and software you eventually arrive at the core of the AV field: filmed narrative. You learn to design entire productions on your own and/or to function as a director. This is why both the production side and (especially) the artistic side are the focus point: you analyse assignments and develop personal, original concepts. You study one of the departmentís minors to specialise. Visits to festivals or events in your field, such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Rotterdamís Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), add even greater depth to your studies. Internships are offered at prestigious Dutch AV companies. International orientation may be gained by participating in an exchange programme to, for example, Berlin, Bristol or Tokyo.

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